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    Welcome to the The Twinning of the Cities of Liverpool and Shanghai website

    This site has been set up in order to celebrate the cultural union of the two cities that was established in 1999, when they became International Sister Cities. As well as a proud tradition of dynamism and a pioneering spirit, both cities share physical characteristics such as an intimate connection to the sea.

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    The Twinning of the Cities of Liverpool and Shanghai

    The partnership was and is not just a cultural exchange, but also one that benefits business. If there is any aspect of the twinning of the cities of Liverpool and Shanghai that you would like to know more about but that we do not mention, please contact our team.

The Latest News

Find out the latest news and events surrounding the twinning of Liverpool and Shanghai.

Liverpool is a city of migration and movement. The modern history of Liverpool begins with the building of the first dock in 1715. From this time onwards Liverpool's involvement with slave trade grew dramatically; from 1760 onwards Liverpool became the dominant slave trade port.

Thus from its early development Liverpool was based on trade that brought multifarious influences from different attends lifestyle cultures which in turn has shaped the outlook of the city.

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